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India is a favorite choice for medical tourism in the world. Our doctors are trained in the best medical institutes across the world and are considered amongst the very best doctors.


We even help you with your medical visa. Once you have decided to travel to India for your medical procedure, the hospital you wish to travel to will email you a letter with which you can apply for a medical visa.














Available Medical Services

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. It is an extremely broad field and can be performed on all areas of the head, neck and body.

Neuro and Spine Surgery

Neurological surgery, also referred to as neurosurgery, is primarily concerned with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders that affect any part of the nervous system.

Cancer Treatment

The term cancer is used for certain diseases when there is uncontrollable abnormal growth of cells that are able to invade other tissues. The cancer cells can spread to the different body parts by the means of lymph systems and blood.


A medical specialty, Ophthalmology is concerned with the treatment of diseases and disorders of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a qualified doctor who studies all the vision related problems of the eye.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment refers to the medication followed in order to help those having problems bearing a child. So, artificial medical assistance is taken to aid them in the process.

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery-whether back or neck surgery is an advanced treatment option for pain and disability caused by an identifiable lesion in the patient’s anatomy that has not adequately improved with non-surgical treatments

Orthopedics Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery : The word Orthopedics originates from two Greek words- ortho meaning straight and pais meaning child.

Kidney Transplant

Your doctor will advise you to maintain the blood pressure and many more things that include your diet and proper medication .Your blood pressure should be less the 130/80.

Infertility Treatment

InFertility treatment refers to the medication followed in order to help those having problems bearing a child. So, artificial medical assistance is taken to aid them in the process.


Q) What exactly is Medical Tourism or Health Tourism?

A) Medical tourism or health tourism is the combination of travel and the pursuit of health. Patients, particularly those from developed nations travel to other countries with cheaper healthcare facilities so that they can be cured of diseases and explore the nation thereafter. It is also known as health or wellness tourism.

Q) Why should one choose India for medical treatments or surgery?

India is second to none and its hospitals boast of equipments and infrastructure that is equivalent to the best healthcare service providers in the world. India’s USP as far as medical tourism is concerned is economically priced treatments. These treatments are especially cheap for the price at which the medical expertise is offered. Indian doctors are considered among the best in the world and their hands have healed many across the globe. A vast variety of surgeries are also done here. Medical tourism in India thus enables you to explore a fabulous nation, recover in private hospitals, and go back home to use your savings on whatever you desire.

Q) Is the cost difference good enough to make flying all the way to India worthwhile?

You will discover that the cost difference for a large number of treatments and surgeries that it is sure to make up for your air ticket. Your medical treatment including your airfare will cost much cheaper than just the price of your treatment in many western nations. Medical tourism as such serves a dual purpose and you can explore India before or after the treatment.

Q) How much can I possibly end up saving?

By and large patients can save an average of 40-60% on their medical expenses when they choose India as their medical tourism destination. Procedures for obesity and cosmetic surgeries are particularly economical in India as compared to many nations in the west. Dental implant surgeries and cardiac procedures are also competitively priced.

Q) How is it that medical care is cheaper in India? Are medical standards low?

The difference in cost is not because of low standards of medical facilities but due to India being at a different stage economically. The costs for malpractice insurance and other related charges imposed on medical facility operators in western nations are much higher. It is but natural that the patients have to bear the burden of these costs. Medical professionals in developing nations such as India do not have to pay such enormous charges. The medical fee levied on patients is substantially reduced as a consequence.

Q) Do the hospital staff and representatives of Medi Connect India speak English?

Yes, the staff, nurses and doctors at the hospital are proficient in speaking English. Also, the entire team at Medi Connect India are comfortable in conversing in English.

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